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We pride ourselves on being the only UK custom shop speaker cabinet maker.
With the knowledge and unparalleled choices to build you the fully custom guitar or bass cab you want.

Over a decade of carpentry experience and with 14 years working as a live sound engineer. We have the knowledge and skills to hand build your dream.
Any size, finish, colour, sound you desire.

We can source all major speaker brands. 
Put in the hardware that works for you. 
Wire it up for all your mono, stereo needs. 
Custom print your own artwork as the grill cloth.
Ply, pine or hardwood shell options.
Wheels or no wheels. Maybe removable ones?

The choices are endless and its all hand built bespoke to you.
To your noise, tone and style.

Every cabinet listed on our website can be customised in full detail. 
And if you cannot find a design you like, we have an in house team who can help design and create what you want.

From 2x12 cabinets, to FRFR Kemper rigs, replacement styles housing, amplifier head enclosures, rack units to combo shells.
No idea is too crazy.

Please contact us to discuss your idea and help us bring it to life.

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Team Noisy Hammer